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Philips Hue Crestron

    November 22, 2022

    Philips hue

    Philips hue is a line of color changing LED lights. Crestron is a company that makes automation and control systems for homes and businesses. The two have partnered to create a system that allows users to control their Philips hue lights with Crestron’s control system.


    In the world of home automation, Crestron is a name that is synonymous with quality and luxury. Crestron is a leading manufacturer of high-end home automation systems that offer homeowners a wealth of features and options for controlling their homes.

    One of the most popular features of Crestron systems is the ability to control lighting. Crestron offers a wide range of lighting control products that allow homeowners to create the perfect lighting atmosphere for any situation. One of the most popular Crestron lighting products is the Philips Hue system.

    The Philips Hue system is a wireless lighting system that offers a wide range of features and options for homeowners. The system includes a wide variety of different light bulbs that can be controlled wirelessly from a central hub. The system also includes a number of different accessories that allow homeowners to further customize their lighting experience.

    The Philips Hue system is a great option for homeowners who are looking for a high-end lighting system that is easy to use and offers a wide range of features. The system is also a great option for those who want to be able to control their lighting from their Crestron system.

    Philips hue and Crestron

    In today’s modern world, our homes are becoming more and more connected. We have smart thermostats, doorbells, and even lightbulbs. Two leading companies in the home automation space are Philips hue and Crestron.

    Philips hue is a line of smart lightbulbs that can be controlled via a smartphone app. Crestron is a company that specializes in control systems for the home, office, and other commercial spaces.

    So, what happens when you combine the two? You get a very powerful and flexible home automation system.

    With Philips hue and Crestron, you can control all of your lights from a single app. You can also create custom lighting scenes, set timers, and even control your lights remotely when you’re away from home.

    Crestron also offers a wide range of other home automation products, so you can expand your system to include things like automated shades, door locks, and thermostats.

    The bottom line is that Philips hue and Crestron offer a powerful and flexible solution for your home automation needs.

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